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Escape official Flyer Feb. 2020.jpg



Participants will be able to join the underground railroad escape through the woods and emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, spirited and enlightened as to their strengths, weaknesses, fears and triumphs.


We recommend, jeans, long sleeves, hair wraps (scarves) and bug repellent (not that slaves had bug repellent).


The sojourn will be led by Sharon Jackson – Historian, #ADOS.





The Escape to Freedom adventure invites participants to abandon their chains in pursuit of personal and generational liberty.  As night falls, the drums call, and the Underground Railroad beckons with the promise of adventure and suspense. THE W.A.I.T. Wellness Center offers its Healing Trail for this event, so all who are serious about finding their freedom will immerse themselves in the narrative and the knowledge that only nature can evoke. Harriet Tubman (played by Sharon Jackson) leads the runaways through the doubts and the dangers they must face in order to achieve true freedom